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Lawn Aeration and Over-Seeding is the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy. Aeration involves making holes in the lawn either by pushing a rod into it or by "coring", extracting a plug of soil. By aerating your lawn you provide the following benefits to your lawn and its root system:

  1. Oxygen gets to the roots and the soil allowing it to "breathe"

  2. Organic fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system

  3. Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system

  4. Helps to break up thatch

  5. Tight, compacted soil is loosened up allowing the root system to grow

Core Aeration & Over-Seeding


One of the first things you can do for a lawn in the spring is de-thatching. Thinning out the thatch in the spring clears out old, dead grass and other organic matter that has built up over time but has not broken down.

De-thatching will open up the lawn surface allowing for improved nutrient and water uptake as well as severing up stolons and rhizomes which encourages new growth. The renewed growth and warming temperatures of spring provide the ideal setting to perform this procedure. De-thatching is recommended yearly.


Slit Seeding

The practice of over-seeding lawns is really nothing more than spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. The golf industry has been doing it since the sport began and is an important step in maintaining quality turf.

After several years, mature plants begin to slow down their reproduction rate. Since a blade of grass lives only an average of 45 to 60 days, production of new tillers must continually outpace the dieback of older leaves. Young grass will produce tillers faster than older grass. Therefore, one of the most important secrets to maintaining a healthy, thick lawn is to make sure your grass is young

We also offer Slit Seeding which is another way to break up thatch and get new grass seed into the lawn. We can work with you to find the best solution for your lawn.

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